A Showroom on the Riviera,

After seven years spent downtown, A Fleur  de Teck decided to move on the heights of the Niçoises hills.
Using a similar space and trying to show furnitures in true situation A Fleur de Teck tried to create a cosy atmosphere with always this passion resulting from Indonesia.

Advantages compared to the old store: A vast garden of 2000m2; many statues and decorative objects out of stone are exposed and want to be an help for the personalization of yours.

A New idea: I want to show you how a restoration of quality in old houses could be done by using Indonesian materials and give a successful interbreeding.

The image of Indonesia is even more present. A traditional gazebo called “ Bale” where outdoor furnitures are presented .

A Reconstitution of an Indonesian Store such as one you can see in Bali….
Always the same purpose Travel and fetch genuine, authentic and natural products in spite of the current difficulties.
Two master and magic words: Passion and Patience…

Disadvantages compared to the old store:

To be completely right, at least one, driving his car. But only 30mn far from the centre of Nice, looks like a promenade and really not a busy road. A Beautiful place on the heights of Castagniers near the abbey Notre Dame de la paix.

Please have a contact by phoning before coming  : 06 35 32 33 89 or email on the web site . I will call you back.

You will have understood that an appointment is needed and this  also could be  an advantage.

So long ..There!